Getting Started

Mine smarter with Archer. Archer boosts mining revenue and integration takes less than five minutes. For more information, read our introductory post.


Block-producing nodes are eligible to join the Archer network.

Not running a node? More information about how to participate in the Archer network will available in the future. Follow along on Twitter or Telegram.

Geth Client Instructions

Step 1 of 2

Restart your node(s) with the following additional command-line flag value:

--txpool.locals "0xa2cD5b9D50d19fDFd2F37CbaE0e880F9ce327837"

Step 2 of 2

Email the peer ID (enode ID) of your node(s) to [email protected].

You can obtain your node's peer ID by calling the admin_nodeInfo as outlined in the Geth documentation and copying the "enode" value in the returned JSON object.